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Patio Designers in Vancouver, WA

Budget for the Project

Patios are a beautiful addition to any property. Already a favorite for many homeowners, a paver patio can add a certain charm and sense of country living to any yard. In terms of design, there are dozens of different ideas you can use when planning out your paver patio. Of course, budget is always a concern when it comes to big purchases such as this one. In order to create a budget that fits your needs, we need to give you an estimate for the hardscaping project.

A professional estimate is a proven, practical plan that shows how to build the perfect place for outdoor living. It outlines a unique approach for transforming that extra square footage into big entertaining potential. It also helps you build smart by showing you how to add value with simple add-ons and expand your space in unexpected ways. Our hardscaping crew can help you turn a good-sized investment into a durable and versatile paver patio.

If you are considering having a patio built in your backyard but are unsure if the cost outweighs the benefit, there are factors that you should consider before you jump into it. The cost of a paver patio will vary depending on the materials, size, design, landscaping additions and local availability of labor. When you are redoing a yard, an estimate helps keep track of expenses and keep things in perspective. By breaking up the project into manageable phases, we can complete your vision.

Functionality of the Patio

Patios are useful, they can expand the amount of living space in your home. Not only do they provide a way to enjoy the outside, but they also allow you to place furniture and other objects. These areas built with concrete, brick, or flagstone pavers are typically an extension of the house interior and are used for social events during summer months.

There are three main things that will make or break the functionality of a paver patio. First, it is important to determine its purpose and then find out which objects fulfill that purpose. Our patio contractors can add furniture, a barbecue to cook, plants to decorate the patio, a cozy fire pit for gatherings, and many other features that can improve the outdoor experience. Next, will there be enough light? If it is too dark you will not want to use it during prime daylight hours. Finally, are there any obstructions? If so, think about whether they can be changed or removed so you have maximum flexibility with the patio.

Modern living areas are about versatility, and our paver patios are built for that. A patio can serve as a great entertainment spot. Although the patio seems like a great idea to those who live in warmer regions, those living in colder climates can also take advantage of the outdoor space. A well-designed paver patio adds meaning, value, and it contributes to the beauty of the property. In the spirit of making your home truly livable, we can design a space that brings comfort into your backyard.

Paving Material Preferences

Concrete – These pavers are an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to enhance and bring life to your property. Concrete paving stones typically last longer than poured concrete and asphalt. They can be adorned in different patters or just left with a clean smooth finish, giving you the opportunity to bring the style and elegance found in luxury real estate. You can order a wide range of colors and textures, which will further customize the paver installation in Vancouver, WA.

Brick – Inspired by the irregularity of antique brick, the random coloration of these pavers creates an unpredictable yet sophisticated style. If something is to be well made, it needs to be durable. Brick pavers last for decades with minimal maintenance. As time goes by, they rust ever so slightly, becoming tonally more interesting. Sadly, you cannot do this with concrete or ceramic tiles. Neither of these products can adjust to the world’s changing visual contexts so gracefully.

Flagstone – Pavers that are crafted with natural stone, which lasts longer than man-made materials and looks beautiful in any setting. For a more tailored look, choose flagstone pavers designed to blend seamlessly with other hardscaping elements found in your property. Flagstones should offer the durability and timeless appeal of real stone for years to come.

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