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Paver Contractors in Vancouver, WA

Benefits of Paving Stones

Easily accessible – Pavers were once the luxury of millionaire mansions. Not anymore! Pavers are available for just about every budget and application. There is a paver to fit your lifestyle and taste. If you have a dream of creating the perfect landscape, you can do it with pavers. Whether your dreams are for your home or someone else’s, they are within your reach.

Increase value – Adding a paved surface is a great investment because it adds value to your home. The reason why is that a paver structure can be a very compelling feature for a lot of buyers, who would see it as an extra perk to justify upping the price they are willing to pay for the property. If you are looking to sell your home soon but want to make sure that it has all of the right features to attract buyers, you might want to consider adding paving stones.

Aesthetically versatile – Pavers are the premium alternative to traditional outdoor flooring, becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the country. Choose from a variety of concrete pavers that provide color, definition, and beauty to both traditional and contemporary landscapes. They can be installed in a simple grid or in complex patterns. The interlocking nature of these pavers ensures easy installation while giving you clean lines.

Extremely durable – Our pavers are more than just yard decoration, they are more of a lifetime investment. Made to last decades or even centuries, our durable paving stones provide an extraordinary home improvement that can withstand any weather conditions. Most paving materials are made to be used in moderate climates but pavers are designed for extreme temperature conditions. Pavers are perhaps the most durable of all kinds of outdoor flooring options.

Paver Installation Services

Patio – Pavers are the foundation of any beautiful outdoor patio. Available in natural stone, brick, or concrete, they can be shaped and arranged in all kinds of elegant and interesting ways.

Driveway – Whether it be concrete or natural stone installation, a paver driveway is sure to catch your neighbors’ attention and increase your home’s value. Also, because pavers have permeable joints, they allow water to soak into the ground.

Pool deck – Pavers are an ideal construction material for a pool deck. They are chlorine-resilient and salt-resistant, and provide a cool walking surface for hot summer days. And, of course, they look great!

Sidewalk – Any path around your home will be enlivened by the presence of pavers. Accessible in a variety of colors, sidewalks can be designed to match the natural elegance of their surroundings.

Custom Hardscaping Features

Stone fire pit – Nothing transforms a backyard social gathering like a warm fire in a central location, with plenty of seating nearby. When you are looking for a way to entertain friends and keep the conversation going, it is a great time to think about a fire pit. Certain types of pavers can be used to build a cozy and durable outdoor fire pit. With rounded edges, they can be stacked like bricks to create a complete circle. Paver fire pits can be built almost anywhere, including a patio.

Garden wall – We can also use pavers to create the rustic walled garden of your dreams. Our professionals will stack them like bricks to create a retaining wall for an elevated garden, or build a dividing wall fit for a bucolic homestead. With so many different shapes and sizes, pavers are sure to arouse the artist in you.

Landscape curbing – For a simpler design, pavers can be used to mark the edge of any landscape. Hardscapers can stack them in layers or create a single row. For a more manicured look, we use edging pavers to abut other surfaces.

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  • Custom hardscape patios to enhance outdoor spaces
  • Sturdy paver driveways that endure heavy vehicle traffic
  • Alluring pool decks to accommodate friends and family
  • Versatile paver sidewalks that connect different areas
  • Addition of decorative garden walls and stone fire pits
  • Restoration services for any type of hardscape structure
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