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Patio Builders in Vancouver, WA

Licensed Patio Contractors

Whether you need to make a space more intimate or just want to increase the available living space in your property, a patio is the most viable option. Patios are a great addition to any outdoor space. They can be used for parties, entertaining or just relaxing outside on a nice sunny day.

If you are planning to create an outdoor patio area in your home, it is important to consider the outdoor patio flooring so that you can choose the best material. If you are consistent with the same color, material and pattern, you will establish a theme. Whether or not they match exactly, a cohesive look is always best. However, DIY individuals sometimes underestimate how much work will be involved in the actual labor of creating a hardscape feature. It is preferable to hire experienced hardscaping companies that can help you design and install the perfect outdoor space.

Our experts will create your patio with the right balance of comfort and style. We offer a wide variety of custom and creative patio designs, from classic to contemporary. Each outdoor area can be designed to fit any budget, with full hardscaping installation options. With their extensive experience and creative eye, our team can build a patio that will transform your home into a tranquil retreat where you can enjoy life’s simple pleasures with family and friends.

Patio Restoration Services

Pavers are interlocking bricks of concrete, clay, or natural stone used to create smooth exterior flooring surfaces, including patios, driveways, sidewalks, and pool decks. Available in a huge variety of shapes, colors, and styles, patio pavers provide an elegant, old-world alternative to poured concrete or pavement.

Paver structures and surfaces provide an endless array of creative and aesthetic possibilities, but they are not immune to deterioration. Over time, paver bricks or stones may break, erode, or sink into the ground. Compared with poured concrete or pavement, however, paver repair is simpler.

It is often better for a licensed hardscaper to repair a paver structure, which usually requires a full suite of sanding, cleaning, and sealing services to restore. You can hire a qualified expert to fix uneven or broken pavers, enhance their color, remove any moss or weeds that have grown between the joints, and clean black edges that form over time.

Everyone wants a beautiful patio to enjoy the outdoors, but with time even the most carefully maintained hardscape can become dated or damaged. Restore your worn-out patio, or create a new outdoor entertainment area. We can remove and replace existing paving, resurface with new material, or completely tear out your old patio area to build a gorgeous new one.

Reparation of Paving Stones

Even neglected paver structures can be repaired to look brand new. Licensed professionals can fix broken or eroded surfaces in much the same way that they are installed. They will need the same pavers used in the original installation, so it is important for owners to hold onto any leftover or unused pavers.

Sunken pavers occur when the surface is not properly leveled. They can also form over time due to natural ground shift or erosion. To repair sunken pavers, a hardscaper must remove all the pavers in the area, and then level the base.

Broken pavers are repaired in a similar manner, although it may not be necessary to remove the gravel base and sand. Instead, a hardscape technician can simply remove the broken pavers and replace them with new ones, taking care, as always, to maintain a level surface. The cost to restore a hardscape structure will vary from project to project.

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  • Custom hardscape patios to enhance outdoor spaces
  • Sturdy paver driveways that endure heavy vehicle traffic
  • Alluring pool decks to accommodate friends and family
  • Versatile paver sidewalks that connect different areas
  • Addition of decorative garden walls and stone fire pits
  • Restoration services for any type of hardscape structure
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