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The brick mason trade refers to a skilled craftsmanship that is often considered a hardscape professional. The material used in the trade, commonly referred to as bricks, are stone blocks made of clay. There are also different types of manufactured bricks that are combined with mortar to create elegant and durable structures. Hence, this particular type of masonry work lends itself to residential projects or commercial developments that aim for a traditional appearance.

Finding a quality and experienced masonry contractor takes some time and work. You will want to sort out a few details before you even start looking for a professional, such as what kind of hardscape materials you want to use, the square footage of the project, time frame needed to complete the job, your overall budget, etc.

Our company has built a reputation on meeting customer needs. We have completed dozens of projects, and are proud of the cooperative relationships we have established with clients through our professionalism and integrity.

Benefits of Brick Patios

Elegant – Bricks come in a wide range of colors and textures, which means that they can help reinvent the overall appearance of your backyard. They provide an elegant and classical look that other materials cannot imitate. Our patio contractors in Vancouver, WA and some imaginative landscaping efforts can do wonders for your outdoor space.

Versatile – Clay bricks are one of the most versatile paving material found in the market because they can be used to create unique patterns. You will have the liberty to choose either the hexagonal, herringbone, or diamond design according to your preference. If you are looking for a new backyard patio, then brick paving is an excellent option to consider.

Durable – If you are planning to install an outdoor patio, you are probably worried about the longevity of the investment. Fortunately, brick pavers are highly durable. They are naturally resistant to extreme weather conditions. Brick structures can withstand elevated warm and freezing temperatures. Also, clay bricks can endure heavy weights and do not crack easily.

Eco-friendly – One of the key features of using bricks on a property is their environmentally friendly materials. Bricks are made from some of the most abundant resources that we have available to us, including clay, shale, and sandstone. When you use them to construct a patio, you are making a much smaller contribution to the depletion of natural resources.

Patio Maintenance Tips

01. Remove weeds – To keep your patio layout beautiful and neat, pull weeds that appear in the crevices between bricks. You can also use organic compounds that are specifically designed to safely exterminate weeds. This will protect the patio from water erosion, wear and tear, and any structural defects. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to remove the weeds without damaging the brick structure.

02. Pressure wash – You will want to keep the paver driveway installation looking great. This is often done through power washing. The process involves using high-pressure water to remove dirt, stains, and other pollutants from the surface. A couple times a year will usually suffice, but more frequent use may be necessary in some cases.

03. Reapply filler – The joints between each brick are filled with sand, allowing water to drain and preventing cracking. It is necessary to replenish the sand that has eroded from the brick joints. This process is easily accomplished by re-filling any gaps that have formed with fresh polymeric sand. This type of sand was developed specifically for filling paver joints, as it sticks together better than regular sand. It has also been treated with a resin which keeps it from drying out over time.

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